IT Capital specialises in a wide range of investment areas to suit your needs, all offering lucrative returns.

IT Capital’s extensive experience and personal touch are unrivalled.


IT Capital provide a range of business services which are designed to accelerate small to mid-sized business. Our ethos is designed to help business owners understand, validate, and efficiently execute services that make sense.

  • IT Support
  • HR Services
  • Strategy Development
  • IT Security
  • Commercial Contracting
  • Sales & Marketing Strategy


IT Capital invests in a range of software businesses; we are always looking for entrepreneurs with idea’s that innovate a market or business problem. We support entrepreneurs and businesses by identifying opportunities for rapid growth in new and existing markets. Helping organisations plan and execute their strategic goals.

Wealth Management

IT Capital’s Wealth Management arm offer a proactive and personalised approach to managing your wealth. We take the time to get to know you and understand your business and personal goals and create unique solutions to ensure the most lucrative growth for your assets.

Commercial Property

Commercial property investment is growing in popularity among investors interested in substantial returns due to its value. Commercial property in the UK is worth almost £900bn and 13% of the UK property market as a whole an attractive investment choice with less stamp duty, maintenance, tenant issues and high-returns.

With extensive experience in this area, IT Capital can help you procure and invest in commercial premises across the UK and overseas.

Industrial Property

Investing in industrial property is also becoming increasingly popular among investors. The demand for properties such as large fulfilment centres similar to Amazon, big-box warehouses, and self-storage facilities withstand market downturns better than other commercial properties.

IT Capital can help you procure and invest in industrial premises across the UK and overseas with potential substantial returns.

Residential Property

With many years experience in estate agency and residential property development, IT Capital are experts in in sourcing residential properties to build a lucrative portfolio. Residential investment with a lower entry value is a good option for those wanting a speedier income source. IT Capital are very knowledgeable about the residential market and what areas and properties will command a high rental income to cover costs and deliver an income source and properties that can be easily and cost effectively renovated to deliver capital gain.